You don't even need a drumset to begin!

  • MOVE

    MOVE effortlessly as you drum


    Play the MUSIC you love

  • PLAY

    Speak YOUR voice on the drums loud and proud

Traditional lessons range from $300 to $600 a month.

But through LTR DRUMMING you pay less and learn MORE!

Rich Redmond

Grammy Award Winning Drummer and Educator

"Any drummer is in good hands with Chris Lesso and LTR drumming! He is highly skilled, motivational, and makes learning fun like it should be."

Joanne Breckles


"I have studied with Chris for over 7 years, and in that time my growth as a drummer has been exponential. The LTR DRUMMING community pushes to be at my best, and fills me with energy to go and practice!"

Ben Weinstein


"I have been a student of Chris for nearly 6 years and love it. He knows how to improve every part of your drumming. If you are looking to start drumming I completely recommend taking lessons from Chris."

Dom Famularo

Drumming's Global Ambassador

"LTR CONNECT will empower you to drum with an inner fire and passion as you tap in to having FUN with the drumming community!"

Life is empty without drumming and music.

Don’t look back and wonder why you never gave it a shot!

How is the LTR METHOD different?

  • How does it work?

    I’ve put together a solid foundation to guide you for a lifetime of drumming in the LTR DRUMMING METHOD. This includes a full book and video course (one for adults and one for kids) you can use and reuse to get unlimited hours of challenges and fun. This contains my life’s work from traveling the world and learning from the absolute best! You can also take part in bonus LIVE workshops, Q&As, and get access to a library of videos and workbooks to guide you on your drumming journey.

  • Is this for kids or adults?

    Drumming has a massive effect on health and well being for ALL ages! There is an LTR DRUMMING METHOD book and video course for both for kids and adults. No matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, there is something here for you! 

  • How do I know what to practice?

    Having a solid daily practice habit is one of the cornerstones of LTR DRUMMING METHOD. What will create your best self through drumming is not one magical day of learning, but many days of 1% wins stacked together over time. CONSISTENT FUN PRACTICING gives you the small wins over time that leads to massive results!

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