• Accessing a 24/7 LIBRARY OF DRUMMING CONTENT (New lessons added regularly)

  • Drumming in LIVE GROUP SESSIONS and workshops

  • Following a PERSONALIZED DAILY PRACTICE PLAN designed for you

What's in the way of you LIVING YOUR DREAMS?

  • Drumming is really hard, and everyone else is so much better than me. I think it’s too late for me to start.

    It’s NEVER too late to begin the journey! Who will you grow into through this process? This is your journey. Our LTR mantra is ‘Don’t compete, create’, empowering you to play each note and live each day as if it is your last. Your inner strength and individuality as the fuel. What you have to say on the drums and life is special and unique! This means you’ll never know the regret of thinking, ‘What if I’d only tried …’

  • How do I fit this in my schedule? What if I want to take a break?

    We all know that ‘life gets in the way', that’s why LTR CONNECT is better than old school traditional lessons. You can use the online calendar to book your lessons into your life when it works for YOU. You’ll also get access to the library of content to keep your daily drumming CHALLENGING and FUN!

  • Is this for beginner drummers just starting out, or for more advanced players?

    ALL skill levels will get so much out of this! You’ll notice a change not only in your drumming, but in all aspects of your life. The LTR DRUMMING METHOD is my best lessons learned from decades of ‘boots on the ground’ learning, playing, and teaching in my world travels. This builds your RHYTHMIC VOCABULARY with a strong foundation, fine tunes your MOVEMENT to create your sound, and builds the daily HABITS that forge your character. This is unlike any other traditional drum course, and because of this approach ALL skill levels will greatly benefit from these lessons and challenges that will last a lifetime. You can always come back and get something new, and because of this you will never ‘finish’. Drumming is a lifelong journey!

Personal attention to create YOUR drumming vision


    Learn at your own pace with the LTR DRUMMING METHOD


    Drum in interactive and exciting LIVE sessions and workshops with Chris and special guests


    Follow a step by step drumming guide designed just for YOU by Chris

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